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Reviews of my Serenade: "I think that this artist can hang around with the best of them in this classical genre, so I hope they keep pushing their work forward." - male, 31, rated it 8/10 "I really like the artist name. The track title is nice, simple, and understated. The music is so strong, awesome, movie quality. Great listening." - female, 29, rated it 10/10 "This song is quite the masterpiece that sounds like it needs to be part of a movie soundtrack! This has such intense emotion to it! A song of motivation!" - male, 31, rated it 8/10 "I love the sound of this music! It reminds me of Lord of the Rings. I would definitely buy this album. Great sound and very enjoyable." - female, 40, rated it 10/10 "This song is simply beautiful! I love everything about it. It's lovely to listen to, exciting yet peaceful at the same time. Amazing!!!" - female, 41, rated it 10/10 "I enjoyed everything about this son