Reviews of my Serenade:

"I think that this artist can hang around with the best of them in this classical genre, so I hope they keep pushing their work forward." - male, 31, rated it 8/10

"I really like the artist name. The track title is nice, simple, and understated. The music is so strong, awesome, movie quality. Great listening." - female, 29, rated it 10/10

"This song is quite the masterpiece that sounds like it needs to be part of a movie soundtrack! This has such intense emotion to it! A song of motivation!" - male, 31, rated it 8/10

"I love the sound of this music! It reminds me of Lord of the Rings. I would definitely buy this album. Great sound and very enjoyable." - female, 40, rated it 10/10

"This song is simply beautiful! I love everything about it. It's lovely to listen to, exciting yet peaceful at the same time. Amazing!!!" - female, 41, rated it 10/10

"I enjoyed everything about this song. I could listen to it over and over. It is just what I needed to hear this morning." - female, 46, rated it 10/10

"A beautiful classical piece. I was taken in my mind to a large, Victorian entertainment hall with ladies dressed in Victorian dresses dancing with eloquent men. The violin was heart piercing and I loved this piece of music." - female, 56, rated it 10/10

"I could not find anything wrong with this song. I really enjoyed listening. Instrumentals are very good and I would love to hear more." - female, 63, rated it 10/10

"I love the unique sound here and the way that the momentum keeps building. I think it would sound even better in person. Keep working on it, great job so far." - female, 44, rated it 8/10

"I have enjoyed listening to this classical song. It has very strong hints of mystery notes in it, that makes it so interesting to listen to." - female, 41, rated it 10/10

"I like the way this song starts and slowly builds throughout. The stringed instruments work wonderfully together. As I listen, the momentum continues to build, getting louder and louder. This is really enjoyable. Great classical instrumental song." - female, 59, rated it 10/10

"I love the sound of the strings! All the different sections blended well together. All the violins sounded as one. There was so much emotion in this piece. It became more and more intense! Absolutely beautiful!" - female, 53, rated it 10/10

"I loved the progression of the strings and the way they built up and swelled. It made me want to keep listening to find out where the song would go next! I could see this as the soundtrack to something deep and dramatic." - female, 31, rated it 10/10

"I very much enjoy the soft chill ominous vibes of this classical song. Love the droning violin sound. Great atmospheric sound. Cool mix." - male, 35, rated it 10/10

"I'm loving the beats, they are on key. The song structure is off the chain and the sound production is perfect. The instrumental is awesomely amazing. Keep up the great job and I'll keep an ear out for more." - male, 37, rated it 10/10

"It sounded like something that could be an action movie. I enjoyed the song, and thought that it was worth listening to again. The artist was someone that I haven't heard of, and I would seek them out again." - male, 23, rated it 10/10

"It's a beautifully composed song with instrumentals that merge together gracefully and fulfill the purpose of the song's title and purpose with perfection. Great job!" - female, 24, rated it 10/10

"Passionate song, the violin being the main component of the song creates an ambiance that is exciting, passionate, and relaxing all at the same time! I also like how the song begins soft and eventually gets louder and more intense with more violins joining in." - male, 35, rated it 10/10

"Song is done perfect. Existential feel, and instruments are amazing. Song structure is on point. Makes me feel like Christmas is near. Beautiful song." - female, 32, rated it 10/10

"The instrumental are well thought out and played very well. The song has a mystical feel to it. I could see this in a movie." - male, 32, rated it 10/10

"The song is really driving and relaxing. It's well written and there is no issues with it that are noticeable. It's a solid song all around." - male, 29, rated it 10/10

"The strings adds a rising aura to the instrumentation. I really love the way the song intensifies and then start to ease back down gently." - male, 29, rated it 10/10

"The strings sound great as well as the woodwinds. I could definitely sit through a concert listening to songs like this, they make me feel happy which I guess the title Serenate would indicate." - female, 60, rated it 10/10

"This reminds me so much of James Horner's stuff, and I love it! The music sounds like it's telling a story, and I feel involved in its development." - female, 24, rated it 10/10

"This song was beautiful, powerful intense, moving, immersive, and engaging. I was thoughtful, peaceful, happy, and nostalgic. The sound quality was high and clear." - female, 46, rated it 10/10

"I am loving this song. It sounds like it would be played during king henry the 8th grand entrances or during a dragon match in game of thrones.. I simply love it." - male, 25, rated it 9/10

"I could see this working very well in a movie or TV show. The quality of it is good and it's got a nice long dramatic type sound to it. I would work well in an adventure movie horror or drama." - male, 36, rated it 9/10

"I enjoyed the swelling strings and how the melody built up over the song duration. It reminds me of traveling or the passage of time." - male, 35, rated it 9/10

"I like how it's reminiscent of Hans Zimmer's scores, with the cellos providing the active background and rhythm. The melody is smooth and makes me think of a ship sailing on waves that get stronger as time goes on. Very contemplative and beautiful piece." - female, 41, rated it 9/10

"I love the intense beat of the song as it begins and then how more mellow instruments are introduced giving it a more serene feel." - female, 33, rated it 9/10

"I really love the melody of this song. It is so soothing and perfect for a rainy Saturday morning. The instrumentation seemed perfect and fit well with the melody. I felt the song title also fit the song perfectly." - female, 47, rated it 9/10

"It's beautiful and powerful and inspiring. I really enjoy listening to it. I would love this as a soundtrack - I can hear it as part of a movie score." - female, 41, rated it 9/10

"The composition has a great rhythmical section and really plays well with the chord progressions in the song. A great piece for a film! The mix is really well done." - male, 26, rated it 9/10

"This is very relaxing and peaceful to listen to. Everything about it is beautiful. You can feel the emotion the feeling that the song brings. I love how it gets louder and louder. I can see this being in a major motion picture. The only thing I didn't like is that in the background it is a bit heavy with one of the instruments sounds like a horn or something. This would do great in a time period film on a dance floor slow dancing in elegant gowns." - female, 48, rated it 9/10

"This song has a sublte intensity, like something big is going down and we should prepare, then as it builds it gives you the sense of a cautious hope." - male, 31, rated it 9/10

"Beautiful song, I could easily see this being in a movie soundtrack one day, or maybe even a video game soundtrack. I loved it, no complaints here." - female, 25, rated it 8/10

"For a classic song I think that it really does have a cool touch that make for a fun song even in this day and age." - male, 29, rated it 8/10

"I enjoy the intro of the track. The strings on the track are emotional and it has a tint of great play here. It sounds like something you hear in a Skyrim Soundtrack." - male, 24, rated it 8/10

"I enjoyed this epic sounding song. The backing melody adds a sense of depth and that works in harmony with the main violin melody. The main violins add a sense of emotion and personality to this song. I like the layers of contrast and harmony in this song." - male, 35, rated it 8/10

"I felt that the instruments being played sounded so serene together. I am not familiar with this sort of music but it sounds well made." - male, 28, rated it 8/10

"I like how it starts subtle but starts to draw you in as it plays on. It's very relaxing also. It seems like it would be a great instrumental for a dramatic scene in some sort of drama." - female, 36, rated it 8/10

"I like that it has a feel of a professional orchestra. They give the feeling of true emotions that are deep to the heart." - female, 45, rated it 8/10

"I like the foreboding tone of the intro - good use of string dynamics and tone. Seems like something that could be used for a movie soundtrack." - male, 40, rated it 8/10

"I play for the music more than one time because in this song is very interesting to hear it always this is very very nice and humming song." - male, 22, rated it 8/10

"I really enjoy classical music, so I found this song to B enjoyable overall. It had a very nice, elegant sound to it. Fans of the genre will likely appreciate the song too." - male, 32, rated it 8/10

"I really like the introduction section of the song - it adds a sense of mystery and magic to the song which is really fun and unique." - male, 31, rated it 8/10

"I think that this song is really good. I like that the music flows together really well and over all I think that it would be really good." - female, 27, rated it 8/10

"I think this song has some great beats and a lot of energy. I really enjoy listening to it and I think the quality of the music is great." - male, 37, rated it 8/10

"I thought the instrumental had an interesting dramatic sound. The tone and quality sounded good. I liked how the song built up in intensity, it became more interesting to listen to and the instruments were nicely layered." - male, 33, rated it 8/10

"Lovely piece. Has a cinematic feel. Can hear this in a movie definitely. Beautiful melody. And the accompaniment is bouncy. Production is clear and dynamic. A winner." - male, 45, rated it 8/10

"The beat was really easy to get into and feel the vibe with. The instruments were well played and real easy to follow." - male, 26, rated it 8/10

"The opening cello was interesting and put me in a curious yet apprehensive mood. I enjoyed the violins quite a lot as well. Overall it was a great song." - male, 37, rated it 8/10

"The production in this song was very epic sounding. I especially loved the sound progression in this song. It was very entertaining to listen to. This is a real good song." - male, 28, rated it 8/10

"The song seemed smooth and quiet. This was a relaxing tune that I enjoyed very much. Pleasant music is a good thing to hear. This is happiness." - male, 64, rated it 8/10

"This feels really intense and really quite epic, just a very cool sound that would work really well in a movie sound track or on tv." - female, 39, rated it 8/10

"This is a nice tune that quietly builds up. It starts with the violins as the music sways between our ears to leave quite a melodic tune." - female, 57, rated it 8/10

"This song has a nice sound. The volume was very quiet in the beginning. I like the way it builds. This is a relaxing yet emotional sound." - female, 46, rated it 8/10

"This song has a very subtle opening. The violins are quite good from the beginning. I can imagine this being on a movie soundtrack, during the credits." - female, 45, rated it 8/10

"This song sounds like it would be good as music for a video game like Warcraft I find it to be pretty good to me." - female, 34, rated it 8/10

"Beautiful piece of music here. Everything is nicely laid out. I like how emotion evoking the song is. Everything is timed nicely. Nicely laid out piece of music." - male, 30, rated it 7/10

"I actually liked it quite a bit. It reminded me of getting ready to leave the house on one of those important dates from a long time ago. Thank you for the memories!" - male, 40, rated it 7/10

"I really like how mellow and relaxing this song is. I love the instrumental music. It's a very beautiful sound." - female, 30, rated it 7/10

"It reminds me of walking in the rain in a city in Europe. The violin solo is very pretty at the beginning of the song." - female, 35, rated it 7/10

"The build up for this song is quite smooth and has a really good flow to it. The way it pulls you along is absolutely wonderful." - male, 38, rated it 7/10

"The main string melody is beautiful, but I also enjoyed the backing string riff too. Simple yet effective. I also enjoyed it when the other strings join the main melody and the tempo slows. Nice, emotional piece overall." - male, 31, rated it 7/10

"The song had a dramatic flair and a romantic quality. The orchestral effects gave the song a dignified sound. The composition was complex and intriguing." - female, 39, rated it 7/10

"The strings component on this song was really beautiful. It made me want to listen intently and this was a very well-composed song. It was calming and easy to listen to." - female, 24, rated it 7/10

"There was a low-key intensity to how the instrumentation sounded in this song that hooked me and made me interested in listening to more of the song." - male, 32, rated it 7/10

"Well I do love a good serenade of classical music and I feel like that is exactly what was delivered here. Really great talent at work." - male, 34, rated it 7/10

"Great sound and meaning the song portrays. All the instrumentals go together very well and makes you intrigued for what is next. Violins were very strong throughout." - male, 30, rated it 6/10


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