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It is February 2021. I am doing well with my music. I released my debut single,   Serenade , back in the summer - and I have a new single,   Takeoff , under production. I have been in contact with a local music school,  Bel Canto Strings Academy , and the director wants to submit a  virtual performance video  of  Serenade  for an arts show on a local TV channel in Kitchener. She also wants to play my string quartet,   Bliss , with her students. I sent her the sheet music and they started rehearsal last month. I always loved classical music. It was all I would listen to growing up, and I was the only one in my family who did. In 2007, when I was 20, I started composing for the very first time and discovered my raw talent. I grew more passionate than ever before. I envisioned myself as a classical artist. I wanted to release singles and albums just like any other music artist. I wanted to hear my music played on Classical 96.3 FM. I wanted to tour the world with a personal orchestra and