It is February 2021. I am doing well with my music. I released my debut single, Serenade, back in the summer - and I have a new single, Takeoff, under production. I have been in contact with a local music school, Bel Canto Strings Academy, and the director wants to submit a virtual performance video of Serenade for an arts show on a local TV channel in Kitchener. She also wants to play my string quartet, Bliss, with her students. I sent her the sheet music and they started rehearsal last month.

I always loved classical music. It was all I would listen to growing up, and I was the only one in my family who did. In 2007, when I was 20, I started composing for the very first time and discovered my raw talent. I grew more passionate than ever before. I envisioned myself as a classical artist. I wanted to release singles and albums just like any other music artist. I wanted to hear my music played on Classical 96.3 FM. I wanted to tour the world with a personal orchestra and conduct my music. I wanted to put on spectacular concerts. I wanted to make classical popular again.

I moved to Hamilton in October 2009 and my plan was to continue working towards my career goal - but I got distracted with a business idea and thought I could do both. I gradually grew to see myself as an entrepreneur over the next couple of years, but I could not escape my artistic nature. I had a breakthrough in the spring of 2012 when I conceived a novel series titled Devil Hunter (which I identify as my "magnum opus" and intend to finish in the near future). I once again saw myself as an artist, someone who creates specialized works of information - food for the soul. I resumed working on my music and finished the draft for Serenade in July 2012. I also went on stage for the very first time to perform standup comedy (in front of an audience of mostly comics) and became active in the scene by the spring of 2014. I felt like I did well, but my true passion was for music. I wrote a song, Gotta Have You, in the spring of 2015 - but I struggled with the singing. I wrote another song, Just a Song, in the fall of 2017 - just before deciding to commit to comedy. I produced a comedy special for my 31st birthday and another one for my 32nd birthday - but my true passion was still for music. I resumed working on classical music in October 2019, exactly ten years after I moved to Hamilton.

So the way I see it, I had a "10-year delay" where I crosstrained by immersing myself in entrepreneurship, fiction, songwriting, and comedy. I know I gained some important skills and experience. For example, I learned how to work with producers and put on shows. I believe I now have what it takes to do everything I always wanted and make history. I have been chronicling my progress in a forum thread I started in October 2019.


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